Entertainment War: SM vs. YG

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SM Vs Popular idol groups like Big Bang, SHINee, Super Junior, and SNSD have been put on a survey online for which groups the people think are going to be big at the Dream Concert 2009. The fans flocked to the sites. So many fans logged on at once that they couldn’t see/predict which group would
be number one.

What makes this ‘contest’ more interesting and competitive are those big entertainment companies.
Big Bang and 2NE1’s YG Entertainment, and SNSD, Super Junior, SHInee, and F(x)’s SM Entertainment are the entertainment companies which are known as the best idol group managing companies in Korea and with the Dream Concert and the survey, each entertainment’s fans are having a confrontation that we think is going to become a big fight.

A Primium Coffee selling company’s homepage is holding a survey of its own. Its a 3 day event
and its now the first day of the event at 12:40 and the number of fans and people who have
voted is, about 17,750 people.

This coffee house is giving out 200 tickets to those 100 people (2 tickets per person) who vote for the group they think is going to be big at the Dream Concert.

The survey is going to end on October 6th at 9AM. The coffee house will announce the winners
of the tickets at 4PM.

Also, the coffee house is giving out 20 VIP passes (2 per person) to those who voted for the winners
of the survey. Which is pulling interest from the netizens.

The 15th Annual ‘ I love Korea 2009 Dream Concert’ is being held on October 10th at 6:30PM at the Seoul SangAm World Cup stadium.

Translated by: Coupon @ ygsecret21.com
c/o: ygsecret21.com + letsplay2ne1


Vote for The SM Effect on f(x)’s toplist!

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So Diromo recently opened the f(x) Toplist and since this is a blog dedicated to the girls of f(x), it has been entered in the Toplist.

How about showing us some love and voting for The SM Effect?

One vote could make a big difference!

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[HQ] Chapter 4 of f(x) Revealed!

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Yes! Chapter 4 has finally been revealed by SM Entertainment!

Many of us were starting to t hink SME had forgotten about that since Chapters 1-3 were released so quickly!

But no more worries! Here they are:

and Hiqh Quality too which means no annoying little circles on the top & bottom!


me2day updates! [09.29.09]

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Guys, i’ve known i’ve been VERY unactive. Sorry about that!

Let me make it up to you guys by showing you some MAJOR Eye candy.

Victoria: 안녕^^여러분~~’뽀로리아’가 오늘 두번째 미투데이에 왔어요. 앗! 12시가 지났으니 처음인가?? 오늘은 f(x)에서 매력적인 보이스를 담당하는 루나와 함께 찍은 사진을 공개할께요~그럼 이만…f(x) 많이 사랑해 주세요~^^♡


Amber: wassup everyone, amber here. 심심해서 사진 좀 찍었어ㅋㅋ 여기는 화보촬영장ㅎㅎ, 그리고 내가 사랑하는 모자~~하하하. 내 색다른 모습 어때???


Krystal:hey people 크리스탈이 왔어요~! 오랫만에 왔다고 크리스탈 잊어버리지는 않았죠?^^ 화보촬영장에서 엠버언니와 함께 찍은 사진 어때요??? ㅋㅋㅋ byebye XOXO


Amber, Krystal, and Luna do Suju’s ‘One Love’

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When f(x) was a guest on MBC Chin Chin Radio on September 16th, the three members :Amber, Krystal, and Luna did a cover of Super Junior’s ‘One Love’

And let me tell you! it was amazing! We get to see Amber rapping in korean and Luna’s and Krystal’s amazing vocals.

They’ve got one of the greatest vocals out there in the KPOP World!

Krystal looks more like Yoona instead of Jessica?!?

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krystal looks more like yoona than jessicaSo, we’ve all come to love and adore the Jung Sisters right? But Krystal has made a little revelation. This had been already noticed long before their debut. Krystal confessed that people said she looked more like YoonA then her own sister Jessica. She recently told a reporter,

I’ve heard so much talk about how I look more like Yoona unnie than Jessica unnie

Now, when pictures of the group were posted many comments over at allkpop and Kbites said that she looked more like Yoona’s sister than Jessica.

So what do you think? Is Krystal Yoona’s hidden sister in reality? Or will the Jung Sisters be forever?


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cyonsnsd&fxSo, you all were wondering when are gonna see some real SNSD & f(x) action? Well, you won’t have to wait much more! It has been reported that f(x) and SNSD will be doing a CF which will be released in October.

They (lovingly together) will be endorsing the 4th Edition of the Blackberry Series LG CYON phone, ‘Chocolate’.

Can SM Entertainment be treating us better? You might say no….but wait just a second! Recently on youtube (SME is feeling the youtube love) they’ve released videos of the girls practicing for their MV and God do we get too see both some major hotness && cuteness! They all have aegyo! The other video is of them doing the photoshoot. Not bad. Not bad.

Before, seeing some major aegyo, how about dropping by our friends over at f(x) International ?

Now, here are the promotional pictures for SNSD & f(x) for LG Cyon Chocolate! Just click under the cut to see them & the videos:

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