f(SNSD) feeling the Chocolate Love ! Together!

Yes! All you soshis &….f(x) fans? Ha. I wonder what f(x) fans will be called. Math nerds? o.o. ohmygod. I’m a math nerd! lol. Getting back on topic. Soshis & Math Nerds, your dreams have just come true! Well, almost.

On October 8th, because of the LG Cyong Chocolate Phone endorsement SNSD & f(x) will both be releasing a song called ‘Chocolate  Love’  They’ll be showing their different sounds. SNSD’s will, of course, be cutesy and vintage while f(x)’s with Amber’s powerful rap will have a more techno and trendy sound to it.

Also, if hearing them sing isn’t enough, then SEE them sing. The song will come with an MV which will be released around Mid-October.

Meanwhile, here are some eye candy for you lucky fans who cared to visit this site!

But you have to go under the cut to see the yummlicious pictures!

Oh! While clicking stuff, remember to vote for f(x) Fansite at f(x)’s toplist!

Just click the button on the right –>



~ by ishoshana on October 6, 2009.

One Response to “f(SNSD) feeling the Chocolate Love ! Together!”

  1. I heard both ver and still try to different them. Oh boy, don’t pose like f[x]. Not sweet.

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