f(x) wil release full album soon!

F(x) Group [1]

After promoting their debut digital single, ‘La chA tA’ a SM Representative revealed that f(x) would be releasing their first album soon, probably between November and December. It hasn’t been said if it will be a full or mini-album. Also, this SME Representative said that the album will not only be sold in South Korean stores but also all over Asia including China and  Japan. This only makes sense as SM Entertainment promoted them as Asia Pop Dance Group and have 2 members from China (Victoria & Amber). The album will have songs composed by the top writers in the music entertainment and my guess will be that it will consist of pop techno songs. Maybe even some ballads to compliment Krystal & Luna’s vocals.

On a side note, rumours have spread that SM Entertainment will soon be debuting another girl group with the name ‘AHM’

Stay tuned to The SM Effect as more information about f(x)’s first album is released.


~ by ishoshana on October 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “f(x) wil release full album soon!”

  1. FX hwaiting!!!

  2. Is Amber a lesbian?? please answer.. there is a saying, the truth shall set you free…

  3. Is Amber a lesbian? please answer.

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