Krystal looks more like Yoona instead of Jessica?!?

krystal looks more like yoona than jessicaSo, we’ve all come to love and adore the Jung Sisters right? But Krystal has made a little revelation. This had been already noticed long before their debut. Krystal confessed that people said she looked more like YoonA then her own sister Jessica. She recently told a reporter,

I’ve heard so much talk about how I look more like Yoona unnie than Jessica unnie

Now, when pictures of the group were posted many comments over at allkpop and Kbites said that she looked more like Yoona’s sister than Jessica.

So what do you think? Is Krystal Yoona’s hidden sister in reality? Or will the Jung Sisters be forever?


~ by ishoshana on September 20, 2009.

8 Responses to “Krystal looks more like Yoona instead of Jessica?!?”

  1. haha physically yoona’s sister but jessica’s at heart XD

  2. I see Crystal more like Tiffany. Haha… But compared with her voice, she has a similar voice like her unni. ^^

  3. yupz!she looks more like yooNa than sica
    but no oNecan separate them!
    i knew that!i knew sica…

  4. n sica also take care of yooNa like she love krystaL

  5. it’s true . when i first saw krystal i thought that she’s yoona’s sister. but after i found out , she’s jessica’s sister haha .

  6. I think she looks like Yuri because of the hair and cute facial expressions and facial features

  7. I think krystal mouth,nose, eyes are look same with Jessica, but her face shape is long than jessica and it make krystal look more likes yoona

  8. Why krystal like yoona ?

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