cyonsnsd&fxSo, you all were wondering when are gonna see some real SNSD & f(x) action? Well, you won’t have to wait much more! It has been reported that f(x) and SNSD will be doing a CF which will be released in October.

They (lovingly together) will be endorsing the 4th Edition of the Blackberry Series LG CYON phone, ‘Chocolate’.

Can SM Entertainment be treating us better? You might say no….but wait just a second! Recently on youtube (SME is feeling the youtube love) they’ve released videos of the girls practicing for their MV and God do we get too see both some major hotness && cuteness! They all have aegyo! The other video is of them doing the photoshoot. Not bad. Not bad.

Before, seeing some major aegyo, how about dropping by our friends over at f(x) International ?

Now, here are the promotional pictures for SNSD & f(x) for LG Cyon Chocolate! Just click under the cut to see them & the videos:

Sweet huh?


&& here are the oh-so-glorious videos released by SM Entertainmetn:


~ by ishoshana on September 15, 2009.

One Response to “f(x)+SNSD=sweet?!?”

  1. I’m a huge fan of SNSD & Fx. Everyone call me NaNa, Yuri, Victoria or Somethings else. I’m really like SNSD & Fx songs very and so much. I think they are all friendly and cute.I’ll support them 4ever. If anyone of this group want to be my friend just email to me icycrystal999@gmail.com and I promise that I ‘won’t tell anyone else. Sarang Hae!!!

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