Krystal & Jessica had SM Casting on the streets!

Jessica Shout Out to KrystalThe adorable Jung Sisters, who together with the mutual love they’ve given each other have captivated our hearts, reveal a little more of their past history. Recently, Krystal revealed how Jessica and her got an SM Casting on the streets.

Acorrdingly, it was a family day out. The family (including Jessica and Krystal) were walking on the streets of Bundago when an SM Official offered the casting. At that time, (in Korean Age) Jessica was 12 and Krystal 7 so the official offered with guidance to their parents (sorta like PG ?).

In 2000 while my family and I were walking around in Bundang, I got into the casting by a SM official.

At that time my sister was 12 years old, and I was 7 years old.

I was looking at a different place, and the official offered the casting. Since I was at a very young age, the official offered guidance to my parents, and at that spot I was able to get into the casting together with my sister, while we were accompanied by my mother.

So, it seems that 2 stars were born while walking on the streets of Bundang with their family. And now these Jung Sisters are two great talented and famous people who we all love and appreciate!



~ by ishoshana on September 12, 2009.

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