Kara’s Nicole & Amber are tight!

Amber & Kara's Nicole are tight

After hearing Krystal’s gratefulness for her sister, Jessica it is Amber’s turn to say a touching and intimate statement. At the Seoul Yeoido KBS Annex Hall, Amber shocked us by revealing how her and Kara’s Nicole are.

I got very close to KARA’s Nicole. It was a little easier to talk and more comfortable for both of us.

After arising much curiosity from media and netizens over the globe with her masculine looks and male idols look-alike, Amber is slowly (or immensely quick for me) growing on us crazy fans. Now, she’s sure to have won over some KARA fans as she shows her closeness and friendship with Nicole.

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~ by ishoshana on September 12, 2009.

One Response to “Kara’s Nicole & Amber are tight!”

  1. waw je t’aime kara’s nicole and amber

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