The Amazing Quintet on Music Bank!

The amazing quintet had a live performance on Music Bank and needless to say they were awesome! The crowd went wild!

Especially when Amber says, ‘Come Come Come on Baby’

What are netizens saying about these new hot rookie group?

Netizen #1: I LOVE IT WHEN AMBER SAYS “Ta Ta” AHHH soooo hot!

Note: I gave that comment a thumbs up on Youtube 😛

Netizen: #2: krystal’s delivery of her high parts is getting better everytime

Netizen #3: niceeee ❤ hwaiting f(X)

So what’d you guys think? The girls are definietely improving  but they do need (on my opinion) to work a bit more on their group dance..They are an Asian Pop Dance Group after all (:

f(x) obsessing! ❤

Don’t forget to visit as you watch this little fan-cam of the Intro Rehearsal!


~ by ishoshana on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “The Amazing Quintet on Music Bank!”

  1. yeah..I also noticed that they were too relaxed when they were dancing cuz they were out of sync several times. ^^;

    I’m glad to know that they’re enjoying themselves tho 😀 but I hope it doesn’t affect their dancing too much in the future~

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