Luna- Nutz Over Chocolate?!?

So, since I am a good Admin I was looking around the posts made at and I came across one by xXspazianXx!

It’s sorta like a mini-fan account so here it is:

You guys won’t believe this.
While I was at work during break time, I decided to go grab some snacks.
So i went to the lounge and guess what i saw in the vending machines?

I saw this ‘health bar for women’ called LUNA.
I just had to buy it. lol
*it cost me $1.75*

anyways, there were two different flavors so I bought the one that said,
“Nutz Over Chocolate”

After I was done eating the bar *which i didn’t finish because it tasted weird*
I brought it home and took a picture of it.
well, here they are!! XD

user posted image

user posted image

Hehehe after posting a reply, I went and googled it and found this picture:

user posted image

Hehe have any of you guys tried it before?


~ by ishoshana on September 11, 2009.

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