Krystal, ‘I am strong because I have my sister’

Krystal 'I am strong because I have my sister'

Now we’ve seen some major support from Jessica towards f(x) and Krystal.

But this is so amazing. The kind of mutual support between sisters.

Recently, on the Seoul Yeouido KBS Hall Annex, at the KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ waiting room, on the 11th, Krystal said:

At our first broadcast performance, my sister personally came and supported me. She also said a lot of great things and gave a lot of advice. After the pre-recording my sister came to me in the waiting room and wiped my continuously falling sweat” “She was wiping my sweat away with a worried expression, her face expression didn’t look so good.  She also gave me  advice, telling me to work harder. I am very thankful.

I’m sure all you Sica fans ara immensely proud of her. To help her little sister like that is amazing.

Krystal also said,

It would seem we connect through telepathy. We think about similar things although we are in different places. We have somewhat different personalities. My sister is more feminine and I am more of a free and easy person. I am strong because I have my sister. Although we haven’t been able to see each other lately, our feelings for each other will never change.

It was to be expected. With both of them, part of popular girl groups they are busy with promotional deals, performances, etc. but it obviously does not break the link between these two sisters.


~ by ishoshana on September 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Krystal, ‘I am strong because I have my sister’”

  1. you should always add credits to the translator and the website you got this from

  2. siCa!can you also be my uNnie?
    i hope i can meet sNsd n f(x)sooN..
    krystaL..lucky you have a sister just like siCa..
    i like both of you..
    -malaysiaN faN-

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