Kim Tae Woo shows interest in f(x)

kimtaewoo shows interest in f(x) So, remember when I posted earlier ab0ut  the interview on Kiss The Radio I even showed you guys some cute gifs I found over at the soompi forums. Kim Tae Woo who recently made  a comeback with his ‘T-Virus’ album was also a guest that day. He heard Luna’s singing and then complimented her by saying the follow:

These days, juniors are good at anything they do,Your face expressions were great, and you were amazing at expressing your emotions

As you imagine, getting a compliment of that level from a very experience sunbae is a high honor indeed. This shows the hard work done by all 5 girls!

Meanwhile, here are some little behind-the-scenes pics before or after (?) the radio show:

kim tae woo & f(x) backstage kiss the radio


~ by ishoshana on September 10, 2009.

One Response to “Kim Tae Woo shows interest in f(x)”

  1. Kim Taewoo is hot as always.

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