GD thinks Sulli is cute!

GD Thinks Sulli is CuteYes! With all the girl groups out there, the one who caught Big Bang’s heartbreaker leader,G-Dragon, was our own Sulli!

G-Dragon,who was a guest on Jung Sun’s LOVE FM, was asked about his ideal girl and he answered ‘cute girls.’  I haven’t seen the interview but it seems that the conversation swayed to the fact that a girl group seemed to debut every other week now and so he said,

There’s so many girl groups these days. I don’t really talk to them so I look like I have no friends…I became older than everyone else out of nowhere. They all call me Sunbaenim and it’s so weird but amusing.

Then since this is the LOVE FM, Jung Sun continued by asking if out of the girl groups, has any one caught his eye. So, he went on and answered ‘Sulli from f(x). She seems very cute.’

Now, I’m sure we are all thinking right now ‘damn is she lucky!’ right?

Who Sulli, a 15-year old from a recently debuted band, has managed to get the attention of 21-year old Kwon Leader!

God is she lucky! Hmm..he doesn’t seem to mind age gaps. Gaah! I’m getting my hopes up now! Dont’ follow my example fangirls! DON’T!

P.S Like my photoshopped pic? It’s not the best but I found it amusing! 😛

Please check out, as you’re thinking and fantasizing about GD!


~ by ishoshana on September 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “GD thinks Sulli is cute!”

  1. LOL! When you wrote “he doesn’t seem to mind age gaps”, my heart fluttered. And here I thought I was over GD! haha, I guess you can never stop loving him.

    I like Sulli too, actually. She’s my favorite member of f(x), she looks cute.

  2. sulli is the cutest….i like her a lot …..kristy is just too forward

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