Amber a devoted Christian!

Amber Pre-Debut

Amber is really amazing! It’s like every day she gives her fans something new to love about her.

Netizens have dug out an old pre-debut picture (the one above) from . To all those who thought that the ‘tom-boy boyish’ look was forced upon her by SM Entertainment, pssh you’re dead wrong!

As it proves, Amber was already a tom-boy. A tom-boy who loved God.

The picture was in Canoga Park, California.

As every website where you have to login and register, you probably have a profile and our Amber did. Here’s what she wrote:

God is the center of my life, im not perfect but i try to be the best for Him,

i want to praise and give back to Him through my singing, although im
not the best i trust He’ll help me as my life goes on. its not my time to shine, but His.

love praising my God, day and night, trying to live for him 24/7,
with Him all things are possible, with Him i can do anything.


chinese, korean, japanese.

God’s Word

Banjun drama

One thing that attracted my attention was the part that went ‘give back to Him through my singing’ Singing? Not rapping? It may seem that Amber also has talent for singing. She seems like a modest girl who loves God. And I just appreciate her so much for that!


~ by ishoshana on September 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Amber a devoted Christian!”


  2. Now that I know she’s a devout Christian- I love her even more ❤ Oh Amber!!

  3. Amber why do you keep getting better the more i read about u?
    AHHHH you’re just AWESOME!!!

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