Eye Candy heading your way! Chapter 3…Part 1!



~ by ishoshana on September 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Eye Candy heading your way! Chapter 3…Part 1!”

  1. AHHHHH!!!
    Amber looks so cute >.<!!
    hhehehehehe luna so gorgeous like always 🙂

  2. aaah where’s krystaaaal, i want to see her hehehe, she looks a lot like yoona in chapter 2 XD

  3. there costumes are so weird and not in fashion. for my opinion they are not great in promoting clothes. 2ne1 is better than them.

  4. the clothers are horrible they should look up to 2ne1 and 4minute if they try have a fashionable look. that just looks like ugly betty had styled them XDDD

  5. Hello??? isn’t obvious they are tryin’ to be diferrent!! what? if they copy 2NE1 or 4minute it will look like they are just copycats!! hot stupid of you Secret and EEW!!!

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