f(x) gets attention outside of math textbooks!


After barely a week of debut f(x) has been garnering much attention and arousing curiosity not only in South Korea but all around the world as well.

Fansites, forums, blogs, etc have already been created in dedication to the Asian Pop Dance Group f(x).

China’s biggest portal site, sina.com, has also been curious about the girls’ promotional activities as they stated,

“The 5 members have shown their charms through their performances and live stage. We are seeing a change in the domination of the girlgroups.”

There’s no doubt that if plans to debut in China were made, the group would be decent in there as 2 of the members (Amber who is Chinese-American and Victoria, f(x) leader) are Chinese.

Also, international sites like WangYi Entertainment, SoHu, sanook, and Jaekyung Newspaper have mentioned these girls on tidbits of articles, comments by netizens, etc. f(x)’s popularity has also spread to PingBook in Thailand. They are very much anticipating the day when they start to promote all over Asia.

They stated,

There is much attention focused on group f(x), it consists of different international members like Amber, and much anticipation is for the group’s Asian promotions.

With the girls altogether, speaking 4 languages (Korean,Chinese,English,& Japanese) then it’s very possible that their overseas promotional activities will begin sooner than you think.

Gaah, I hope they debut in the U.S. too! That’d be great. Seeing them perform up in Foxwoods! Pssh I would be like ‘Amber Amber!!!” I’d be those creepy fans that stalk their idols. kekeke.

I’m so jealous of Krystal! She’s a star and only 1 year older than me! They all look so sophisticated though!

I hope they don’t start going for the sex appeal because that’d be awkward them being too young and stuff. Except for Victoria! She’s old enough. And Amber, I wouldn’t mind! :p

Where would you like f(x) to debut?

As you’re thinking about that, go check out and join fxinternational.ipbfree.com

Just a little side note..I know you’ve all heard the devastating news about JaeBum leaving both 2PM and South Korea. Please don’t hate on him. He’s a human being like no other and at that time he was still not accostumed. He changed environments so unexpectdely and quickly.

In the US saying things are gay is not a big deal. For example, many say ‘that song is gay’ He was raised in the US and he needed time to accostum and learn how to act.

JaeBum, we’ll miss you. The true fans who understand why you did what you did and accepted your heartfelt apology a nd me will be there beside you 100% of the way.

Come back as soon as you feel ready. The haters can’t have the satisfaction of seeing you out of the KPOP World forever.


~ by ishoshana on September 8, 2009.

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