F(x)’s Twitter Craze!

Thanks to JC for the info!

It seems that Luna, Krystal, Victoria, and Amber have already given into the twitter craze and created one of their own!

Krystal’s Twitter

Victoria’s Twitter

Luna’s Twitter

Amber’s Twitter

If these twitters are authentic and really do belong to the girls, then Sulli is the only f(x) member not to have given in to the Twitter Craze! But what is suspicious, is that some of the girls have Jessica and Tiffany of SNSD as Twitter Friends..But SME claimed that SNSD does not use Twitter.

Who knows?

Speaking of the twitter craze, guess who has one now?

The SM Effect!

Follow us now!

F(x) Fansite’s Twitter!

Also, don’t forge to check out fxinternational.ipbfree.com


~ by ishoshana on September 7, 2009.

4 Responses to “F(x)’s Twitter Craze!”

  1. I don’t think those are real..Because if the other SM artists don’t have twitters..then f(x) certainly won’t have twitters.

  2. Yea me neither and her friends tiffany and Jessica aren’t real. Tiffany said a swear and stuff about antis being bad to her which she wouldn’t do.

  3. Aww… No Sulli twitter account?

  4. Yeahh, it’s pretty obvious that the twitter accounts are fake. Just look a their dp! And anw Tiffany’s fake too, just look at the things she posted, if those are real, the words she said WILL be on headlines just like jaebeom. And SM claimed that they do noe have twitter accounts too…

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