Jessica & Krystal, ‘Jung Sisters’

This post is all KBites! I found it while searching! Jung Sisters! That’s so sweet! Hmm..I’m predicting Krystal got a lot of singing and performing lessons from Jessica. Maybe she picked up on some of the stuff Sica does.


We can say that one of Kpop’s hottest idol sisters pair has to be So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and f(x) Krystal.

Netizens say they spot a sister thing going on after watching f(x)’s debut performance.

Guess what it is. 

Watch at 3:23 where Krystal comes in with her solo part for f(x)’s debut stage

Netizens say the hand gesture reminded them of big sister Jessica!


Netizens say:

  • Jessica teaches Krystal well”
  • “Because they are sisters, even that little gesture look alike”
  • “Funny thing, for me, Krystal look more like Yuri+YoonA
  • Krystal doing her best to be just as good as her sister”
  • “Awww Jung sisters”
  • “I think Super Junior YeSung does that too, looks like a SM characteristic to me”
  • “Jung sisters after all, I like them a lot”

The 2 have earned the nickname of ‘Jung sisters’ from netizens.



I swear. These netizens have eagle eyes! They’d have to be playing it in slow motion or something. Haha.

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~ by ishoshana on September 6, 2009.

29 Responses to “Jessica & Krystal, ‘Jung Sisters’”

  1. Jung sisters, love them. Such amazing girls. Not just their gestures are alike, but also their voices. I remember at first i thought it was so nasally and annoying but as you listen to it, you’ll realize it has a unique sound and it definitely differentiate their voices away from other artists. Love the f(generation) thing that’s going on, btw.

  2. She’s so overrated…

  3. They are real sisters?

  4. i wilL support you though i far from you all
    though i can face to face to you alL..
    though every one object you all
    though anything happen to you all(sNsd n f(x)
    ….i stiLl miss dbsk more n more..
    i love all grup SME..esp dbsk.sNsd

  5. Awww they are so sweet.

  6. they are both ugly… >< just saying/// and they look NOTHING alike

  7. jessica jung is more beautiful than krystal jung

  8. krstal is more beautiful than her sister ,(alot).

  9. krystal is very sweet

  10. Jessica is sooo Pretty shes prettier than her sister

  11. wow. krystal is sooo pretty.
    what went wrong with jessica?

  12. Jessica is prettier ,, For me , I think ! 😀

  13. I love Krystal than F(x) members and Girl generation too. I’m sorry I love all.

  14. jessica is gorgeous!!!

  15. I love Jessica&Krystal ^O^

    LOve LOve loVE loVE !!

  16. nahhh .. i notice that krystal jung is more look alike with yuri and yoona .. not jessica

  17. jung sisters is very talented .. love it ❤ ❤ ❤

  18. i like them b0th..~~ᄏ.,ᄏ.,ᄏ

  19. jessica and krystal are sisters..??

  20. I LOVE THESE TWO!!!! 😀
    Jessica and Krystal are so pretty! 🙂

  21. Neither of the are pretty, tbh.
    And don’t call me jealous because clearly I’m not.

  22. I like these two. I would’ve never guessed that Krystal was Jessica’s sister. Now that Krystal is growing up, she’s starting to look more like her sister. Jung sisters hwaiting! (:

  23. Who is older Krystal or Jessica?
    Are they both born in America?

    • yea they are, but they dont speak like americans at all. In fact their accents are weird…just sayin. Tiffany Hwang is more americanized than them and her accent is better.

  24. both are average in terms of beauty…nothing special..

  25. I Like You Jessica Jung Soo Yeon and Krystal Jung Soo Jung
    you all you so cute

  26. Be a SONE forever WE LOVE YOU :*

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