And I am Telling You….the showcase debut was awesome!


So we’ve seen these ladies in an MV, heard their vocals and a little rap from them, but unless you are bottled with gigantic loads of good luck you missed out (like many others) on the showcase debut.

But thanks to some netizens, we can hear some of what was going on.

First, Luna’s amazing cover of ‘I Am Telling You’:

Then, Amber’s rap to Fort Minor:

Also, we see some MOVING eye candy! Lucky us, fancams are surfacing!

A Fancam of Amber rapping & for once it’s actually a good fancam! No annoying shaking or horrible quality! The video may not be HD but you can at least make out her name in the back:

What do you think? Are Luna’s vocals amazing or what?? And Amber rapping! I do wonder if she can rap in Korean both her rap in the showcase debut and MV are in English. But I don’t mind! It’s easier for me to sing along!!


~ by ishoshana on September 5, 2009.

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