f(x) loving Mr. Boogie!! Some Amber behind the scenes love!


So, not feeling the ‘Lachata’ song? Well, f(x) to those 150 lucky fans performed more than just ‘Lachata’! Those lucky fans picked out from the internet got to hear a new single called, ‘Mr. Boogie.’ Now, despite the name (because come on. Boogie?!?) the song is actually very catchy!

There’s been mixed feedback from netizens:

Netizen #1, ‘ Same here, Mr. Boogie is catchy, but it’s too much like all the songs other songs in Korea, Lachata is unique and refreshing, an excellent debut song.’

Netizen #2, ‘Why oh why didn’t they release this song as their debut song?’

Netizen #3, ‘kinda sounds like Nelly Furtado’s “Say it Right”‘

Note: God, do I smell more FALSE plageriazing accusations?

Netizen #4, ‘another ugly song poor sme’

Some think that ‘Mr. Boogie’ should’ve been their debut song instead of Lachata while others think they shouldn’t have performed it in the first place.

What do you think? Is it worthy of being a debut song? Or just plain trash from f(x)?

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~ by ishoshana on September 4, 2009.

One Response to “f(x) loving Mr. Boogie!! Some Amber behind the scenes love!”

  1. I personally like “Mr. Boogie” more than Lachata. But it sounds more like a club song so I dont think it would be a good debut. But the feel of “Mr. Boogie” – mysterious, seductive and mature fits f(x)’s metallic and chic fashion photos. Their chic fashion and “Mr. boogie” comes off as sexy. But since most of f(x) members are minors, I think SM Town dont want to give them that “sexy” image which is probably why they chose Lachata instead.

    As a debut, I think Lachata is okay. The song sounds more like something Boa would do – it’s cute while trying not to be too sexy. But it isn’t impressive because it’s already been done.

    I think it’ll take two or three more singles until f(x) establishes themselves within the music industry. but they definitely have potential. It’s a group to keep an eye for. 🙂

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