f(x) have their debut showcase!


Only a few days since their first teaser released, the girls of f(x) have aroused a lot of attention. With their debut showcase here, f(x) has seemed to be worthy of being at the top.

With MC’s Sunny of SNSD and LeeTuk of Super Junior, the girls performed live for the first time their debut single, ‘La chA tA’. Only 150 lucky people were chosen,from the internet, to attend the showcase. Luna and Victoria stunned fans with their amazing solos and Amber showing off her rapping skills with the song, ‘Believe Me.’

The girls also expressed their feelings and opinions about their debut.

f(x)’s leader and eldest member, Victoria, expressed her goal of wanting to be a great and dependable leader through perseverance and dedication.

The maknae, Krystal, who has been gaining a lot of attention being SNSD’s Jessica’s younger sister and having a role in various CFs, also said how burdensome it was to prepare for the debut.

Here is some f(x) eye candy until the actual MV is released:

Listen to the stuning rap by Amber:


~ by ishoshana on September 2, 2009.

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