f(x) debuting on Music Core!

F(x) Group [1]

The awaited day is getting closer and closer and with it SM Entertainment keeps teasing us with bits of information!

On August 31st, SM Entertainment has revealed that f(x) will make their debut on Music Core on September 5th! Also, on September 1st, (one day away) Lachata will be released as a digital single in various portal sites. The song was produced by Kenzy (who also produced SNSD’s debut song) and is to be a dance pop song with the meaning of ‘enjoying life’. The Lachata MV will also premier on September 2nd with their showcase!

f(x) week’s schedule:

September 1st: Kick-ass debeut song ‘Lachata’ to be revealed

September 2nd: Lachata MV to premiere along with their showcase at Seoul Samsung-dong Fashion Center

September 5th: Step into the girl group war and make a name of themselves with their awesome debut on Music Core!

Gaah are you excited?!?

Remember to also sign up at the f(x) forum: fxinternational.ipbfree.com to follow f(x) every step of the way until they reach the top! F(x) International is currently looking for staff members!


~ by ishoshana on August 31, 2009.

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