Pre-Debut Eye Candy Anyone? ;

Amber Pre-Debut [1]


”]Krystal [She is the baby with Jessica hugging her]
Sulli Pre-Debut [1]


Wow..Amber looks so girly compared to now. It’s so weird especially after seeing the new pictures released of her, which you will get to see in the next post!

Awee how sweet. Jessica hugging Krystail! Wow she was just a baby in that picture. Sulli could not look more adorable as a little kid..even though she’s pretty young you can see she’s going


~ by ishoshana on August 27, 2009.

8 Responses to “Pre-Debut Eye Candy Anyone? ;”

  1. you sure thats amber? amber’s an american chinese but why is she wearing a korean name tag for school pupils?

  2. she not Amber
    she is Lee Sunmi

  3. Yes I accept on you

    she is Lee sunmi onher uniform.

  4. who is lee sun mi?

  5. r u joking thats not amber she dosent look like her

  6. amberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so cut ilove you so uch

  7. Lol, that’s neither Amber nor Sunmi. That’s obviously Chanmi from 5Dolls.

  8. That’s Heo ChanMi from 5Dolls.. CoEd School.

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